Mission and Vision Development

  • Develop/refine by identifying short and long term goals

Strategic Planning

  • Assess resources to achieve goals (including systems, skills, and structure)
  • Analyze current market trends
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Generate strategic options, goals, and initiatives to achieve them
  • Develop organizational structure, job descriptions, and financial pro formas
  • Develop work plans for strategic initiatives, including responsibilities, timing, and resources

Business Modeling

  • Provide business scenario planning
  • Develop financial projections and analysis

Project Management

  • Develop work plans for strategic initiatives
  • Manage staff against work plans

Infrastructure Development

  • Evaluate outsourcing options (HR, finance, IT)
  • Design and document internal processes and policies
  • Establish board development tools
  • Develop staff evaluation tools
  • Design decision making processes

Organization Assessment and Design

  • Assess existing systems, skills, and structure to drive mission/business goals
  • Design ideal organizational structure and systems
  • Develop transition plans

Organizational Performance Management

  • Identify performance metrics to assess organizational success/mitigate risk
  • Develop “dashboards” to track metrics
  • Develop processes to review, analyze, and act on metrics

Leadership Development

  • Provide executive coaching
  • Conduct team building programs